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Facing the press can be a daunting experience, whether it is to promote a new product, stave off a crisis or plug an event. It is all too easy to get tongue tied, miss a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity or, even worse, end up presenting your business in a negative light.

Our media training courses are run by journalists who have made a career in digging out information and asking difficult questions, so know exactly how the media can be handled. They will ease the pressure and stress of dealing with the press and help turn you into a brilliant and skilled commentator.

Facing the press across the disciplines of print, television and radio, our media training includes training in interview skills, verbal and non-verbal communication, how to handle difficult questions and how to best present your key messages, all under the scrutiny of a microphone or television camera. Oh yes, and why 'no comment' is never the right thing to say.

The course includes training with television and radio equipment, and real life exercises such as being doorstepped, mock press conferences and interviews.

More about Nick Britten's media training here

Below is one of three videos Nick recently fronted for Marketing Derby as part of their drive to attract inward investment. Key to appearing in front of the camera is keep still, eyes front, good open body language, hands loose, and give it plenty of enthusiasm! 


“You won’t find a safer pair of hands in the industry. Thanks to his rich pedigree in journalism, Nick is an incisive communicator, delivering invaluable training and strategic counsel that consistently achieve the desired results.”

Murray Wardrop
Account Director, Ketchum

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