On the radio discussing the new national newspaper The New Day

29 February 2016



 Nick Britten (left) and Neil White, get to grips with the New Day


Another Voice MD Nick Britten was a guest on Radio Derby this morning between 9-10am to discuss the launch of Trinity Mirror's new national newspaper, The New Day, which is being billed as the first national paid for title launched since Today (remember that?!) hit the news stands back in 1986.

While Today ultimately failed, it set new standards in electronic publication. What The New Day will blaze a trail for is uncertain, joining a crowded marketplace and at 50p costing more than some of its established "fuller" rivals, including the Sun and Star, and being only 10p less than its stablemate, the Mirror.

Vowing to be readable in 30 minutes or less and aimed at the "time poor" 35 - 55 age group, it is promising a new take on news reporting, most interestingly vowing to take a more upbeat look at the news rather than, in its editor's words, the "doom and gloom" that usually dominates the new agenda.

This is welcome, and the New Day looks bright, breezy and attractive. Everything is short and intended to be easily digested, but it's not all fluff; there are some heavyweight issues in the first edition, including child carers and the Brexit debate. It is also notable, thankfully, for its lack of celebrity focus. Will it work? Will it cannibalise the Mirror sales the same way that i ate up the Independent, which is packing up a hard copy edition to go online only? 

Being all things to all men is a hard trick to pull off, at the very least it's birth shows that the newspaper industry is not as dead as some would have us believe!

Nick was in the studio with Neil White, editor of the Derby Telegraph, and Ian Sky, the BBC presenter, and were joined on the phone by Alison Phillips, the New Day editor, for a lively debate.

It went well until we moved onto the second topic of the day, plus-sized models. That was another kettle of fish altogether!


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