People Movement Online - a new digital newspaper launches

Another Voice and its strategic partner GSE Media are collaborating to launch the world's first digital newspaper dedicated to the people movement and management industry.

People Movement Online is a fortnightly publication focusing on an industry that in the last five years has grown quickly, yet is still in many ways in its infancy.

Sectors that fall under its banner include people movement, crowd flow, AI, modelling, mass motion, wayfinding and many others. The newspaper takes in sources, news, views and opinion from businesses all over the world.

Nick said: "This is an exciting opportunity in a fast-growing industry. It became apparent a few months ago talking to many businesses in this field that there was nowhere for them to go to read exclusively about what was going on in their industry; what the movers and shakers were doing and saying, trends in the various sectors and what the big news stories were across the globe.

"People Movement Online gives them that, and also gives them the opportunity to help shape the future with their news, views and opinions."

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